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Does Your Marketing Effort Suffer From Shiny New Object Syndrome?

Just about every day, marketing is presented with a new digital tool that claims to be the next great thing.

Some are, but of course, most are not.

Regardless, many organizations rush to adopt these tools, hoping they've found the silver bullet that will drive new revenue, reduce costs, eliminate suppliers, or achieve whatever the promise of the widget was.

Problem is, too many times these tools are brought into organizations that have only partial or unbuilt brand, marketing and communications strategic platforms.

Without that overarching context and specific direction, these tools very often fail. And so, the organization jumps on the next new tool, only to find a similar result.

We call it 'shiny new object syndrome.' And every year, it costs companies millions in lost time, lost focus and wasted opportunities. Not to mention hard cost.

New marketing and technology tools can be of tremendous benefit. But without the proper brand, marketing and communications strategic platform, they can often cause more harm than good.

Learn more about how Cohesion is helping companies build (and rebuild) strategic platforms that allow growth, evolution and the incorporation of new concepts and tools, here:

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