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Michael E. Rindler
Integrity Hospital Company

“I am the founder of Integrity Hospital Company, a management and advisory practice which has served over 110 hospital and health system clients since 1989. During that time I have served as CEO for twelve hospital systems, all of whom faced major challenges. During my time as CEO for a St. Louis healthcare system, I had the opportunity to work personally with Cohesion and Brian Creath. I can say without reservation that Brian and his team were the finest strategic advisors of all of the groups I have had the opportunity to work with. They were exceptional thinkers and listeners. They were profoundly helpful in repositioning our health system in a highly competitive market. I viewed Brian as a trusted and valuable colleague during our time together.”

Mike Marchal
Holland Construction Services

“Brian has a unique ability to make the complex simple. This skillset was most helpful in the brand strategy, marketing positioning and messaging program that Cohesion recently completed for us at Holland Construction Services. We are thrilled with the end result.”

Todd Nickodym
Senior Marketing Manager – Rx Distribution Product Portfolio
Express Scripts

“I had the pleasure of working with Brian and his team at Cohesion on a comprehensive brand positioning and messaging platform engagement. Smart, insightful and passionate, Brian is a strong strategic thinker who is able to uncover unique insights and bring forward powerful business opportunities and solutions. In addition, Brian is a very quick study, which allows him to get up to speed on your business and start talking your language from the very first meeting – a valued attribute when navigating a complex business and organizational structure. I would highly recommend Brian and Cohesion to any organization looking to move their business forward by sharpening their brand strategy and messaging architecture.”

Rob Shively
President & CEO
Metadigm Services
(former) President
SM&P Utility Resources, Inc.

“Cohesion solves the essential strategic marketing question, which from a CEO standpoint is: who are we, for what do we stand, do we have a common way of expressing such and, if not, how do we get one. For our organization, Cohesion developed a core strategy, and then developed specific positioning and messaging that helped us optimize value of the whole rather than only the value of the individual pieces/divisions/brands, etc. Cohesion is a niche consulting firm steeped in knowledge and experience in brand discovery, strategic marketing and brand management.”

Phil Wiseman
Vice President, Communications
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

“Having Cohesion as a strategic partner has been a tremendous asset to McCarthy. Their in-depth understanding of our brand has led to top-notch positioning and messaging work that has elevated our business proposition in the marketplace. Starting out 10 years ago, they created our Genuine McCarthy message, helping to define the company and its culture for a decade. Recently, we asked them to leverage that to build external messaging that would better differentiate us from competitors. Again, their work was outstanding and they helped us carve a unique niche in a crowded marketplace.”

Tom Clark
Principal & Founder

“I have worked with Brian and the teams he has lead in three different industries; foodfashion, and gifts. Their strategic approach has always been sound and their thinking forward…not only taking advantage of our brands’ equity but extending the reach beyond our expectations generating new revenue streams. Brian drives his teams to be extremely responsive. Within two weeks, his team developed a strategic and creative strategy that launched a new business which grew to $150MM in 18 months…in less than a month developed a positioning in the food business maximizing the brand equity and opened new distribution channels…and in short order, laid out the strategic approach to take a successful start up into new revenue opportunities. I have found Cohesion to be consistently resourceful…and they blend into the environment becoming a true part of the team, not an “outside” group whose commitment ends once the meeting is over. I highly recommend any company, team or group that Brian leads, or is a part of. ”

Kelly Horn
Rohan Woods School

“Cohesion was spot-on from our introduction through the implementation of our project. They were efficient in analyzing our messaging needs and provided a clear and compelling set of drivers for our company’s value. Their vision and knowledge combined to provide us with a perfect result–literally bringing tears of joy to the eyes of our constituents. I would highly recommend that any company spend some time thinking with Brian and his team. Regardless of where you are in your market, Cohesion can help you find and develop a deeper and more relevant niche.”

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