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Brian Creath.

President & Founder, Cohesion. 


Brian has been helping companies bridge business objectives to successful brand, marketing and creative outcomes since the 1980's.

His unique skills were born from an interesting combination of strategic planning, creative writing and account work that began in the advertising agency business in 1984. A strategist before the term was widely used, his “Copy Contact” job at Fogleman & Partners soon translated into a VP position at Kerlick, Switzer & Johnson, a St. Louis ad agency purchased by TBWA. At the age of 27, Brian founded the award-winning ad agency, CreathJacobsen. Here, his work as a strategist, creative director and writer helped garner high-profile clients and an outstanding creative reputation for the agency; an agency perhaps most remembered for its Clio-Award winning work for Volvo.

In 1999, Brian formed BrandMaverick (which became Cohesion in 2005). Today, Cohesion is a nationally recognized business and brand consultancy, focused on working with Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies to build and enhance marketing positions through innovative research, strategy, messaging and creative direction.

A widely recognized expert on brand and marketing strategy, Brian continues his work as a researcher, strategist and writer, having collaborated with more than a 150 businesses and brands, and having been recognized with a similar number of national and international awards. Brian is a sought-after writer and speaker on a variety of business, strategy and marketing topics, and serves as a valued advisor to Cohesion’s clients.

In 2013, Brian was nominated and selected to serve on the Advisory Council of the World Brand Congress.

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