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Cohesion's work is focused on research & insights, brand and marketing strategy, brand positioning, communications architecture and strategic messaging & creative content — the critical work that happens before and behind the development of ongoing design, creative and digital execution. The foundation work that guides marketing technology and tools to work more consistently and efficiently. The more complex the challenge, the better our approach works.

Here are just a few of our many services:

Strategy Services

Creative Services

  • Strategic Creative Direction

  • Logo, Identity & Standards Development

  • Creative Direction & Theme Development

  • Creative / Copy / Content Platforms

  • Content Development & Management

  • Video, Production, TV Show Development & Event Management

Structural Services

  • Public Relations / Social Media Platforms

  • Media/Digital / Alternative Message Distribution Planning

Partner Solutions

(Cohesion works with a number of marketing agencies, design firms and other business services providers to provide both white-label and direct, non-competitive services through licensing and partnership agreements. Contact Brian Creath to learn more.)

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