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Brand Direction. 

Research & Strategy


Leveraging a proprietary 1:1 focus interview approach, Cohesion’s Discovery process drives and informs our overall research and strategy work. This work, the overall foundation for strategy and direction development, seeks to find the essential elements of your brand’s DNA and then uniquely assemble these elements into an evolutionary path and plan that is yours, and yours alone. 




Brand Architecture. 

Positioning & Messaging


Cohesion’s architecture approach was first developed more than 20 years ago to eliminate waste and create consistency for a Fortune 1000 company managing more than 50 brands. Today, our platform process has been utilized more than 200 times to create and manage more consistent positioning and messaging for businesses, brands, solutions, products and more. 




Brand Development. 

Execution & Implementation


Since 1999, Cohesion has launched (and re-launched) more than a hundred internal and external brand efforts. From small-scale positioning, messaging and identity efforts, to national and international corporate rebranding efforts, our work has helped organizations large and small create more consistency, relevance and understanding for every brand asset they own.



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