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Partner Solutions. 

Increasingly, Cohesion’s work is provided in collaboration with partner service firms. Those that provide digital. Design. Advertising. Content creation. Video and production.


Because our niche is specifically focused on the upfront part of the marketing process (brand and strategy development), we are a perfect partner for firms who specialize in tactical development and execution. In addition to our proven strategic approach, Cohesion's platform process provides a blueprint and architecture for partner efforts.


And, because Brian Creath has successfully owned and managed a variety of brand and marketing firms during the last 30 years, his expertise can be leveraged by partner firms in the areas of new business development, strategy-to-creative operations, and more.


Our collaborative efforts can can expand your work with existing clients, make your firm more competitive with prospective clients and provide additional areas of revenue for your firm that your current focus may not allow.

Explore Partner Solutions from Cohesion. Contact Brian Creath, president of Cohesion, at to learn more.


Cohesion is a good fit with...

  • Design Firms

  • Digital Firms

  • Video / Animation / Production Companies

  • Content Creation Firms

  • Marketing Support Firms

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