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Digital Solutions Group. 


Cohesion provides a dedicated digital solutions group that offers a full range of web development, e-commerce, custom web applications, SaaS, mobile apps and data systems. This group also offers complete services in video, animation, motion graphics visual effects (VFX), AR/VR and 3D configurators. Driven by a vetted mix of internal and external resources, Cohesion’s Digital Solutions Group leverages strategic direction from the core consulting firm to create innovative and highly functional digital efforts and assets.

Our full-scale digital solutions group designs, builds, and manages complete solutions utilizing:

  • Video

  • Animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Visual Effects (VFX)

  • AR/VR and 3D Configurators

  • Corporate Websites

  • E-Commerce Websites

  • Custom Web Applications

  • Data Systems, APIs, and Connectors

  • SEO, Technical SEO

  • Digital Marketing

​If you're interested in combining the full power of brand strategy and development, with expert digital thinkers and builders, all supported by a vast resource network of video, animation and production capabilities, contact Cohesion.

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