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One Company. Too Many Logos.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

It starts with large and midsized organizations that have subsidiary businesses, profit centers, properties, products, services and/or brands. Organizations large enough to have complex marketing and sales needs (and challenges), but not necessarily large enough to support (and fund) a variety of separate brand efforts.

[Too many choices often make understanding (and purchasing), difficult.]

One day it happens: “I think we need our own logo for our (fill in the blank from the list above),” says one of the good people running one of the (fill in the blank from the list above).

Without an overarching architecture on how brands, positioning and messaging work inside the larger corporate organization, too often the answer is, “Ok.” The business/product/brand unit feels good. The designer that gets the logo work feels even better. But the overarching brand that customers and employees must work within, suffers. Momentum for the single identity of the overall brand is diluted. So is internal unity, morale and focus.

Because focus is powerful. It’s much easier to believe in (and rally around) one thing than 10.

At Cohesion, we have worked with complex, branded organizations since 1999. We’ve developed a process to develop corporate brand platforms, to consolidate and leverage equity across all audiences, issues, products and services. More importantly, this work creates an evolution that sets these efforts on the most efficient, consistent and relevant path possible.

Perhaps you could use a bit of assistance building and delivering the right message? If so, we should talk.

To learn more about how Cohesion, can assist with your efforts , email Brian Creath, president, at, or schedule a 15-minute call with him, here.

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