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Transformation: Art Of The Re-Brand

Updated: May 15

Categories shift. Products change. Channels disappear. Sometimes, you simply need to adjust and evolve to meet new tastes, trends and interests.

Brand positioning is about finding relevance. If you don’t currently have it, it’s time to find it.

Since 1999, we've helped more than 200 brands ‘re-brand’ and otherwise re-position meaning, direction and messaging.

Some clients need to completely reinvent their brand with new name and direction. Some need to upgrade and overhaul their position and identity. Others still, are completely comfortable with their existing brand identity and design, but know they need to shift their positioning and/or tagline and the direction / messaging that accompanies that position.

Moving from an outdated position to one that simply works better; evolving without completely starting over.

Experience Matters

Every situation is different, but many common situations exist. Our experience in numerous categories (more than 100) provides the opportunity to apply vast knowledge and avoid brand re-development mistakes. For more than 20 years, organizations have entrusted Cohesion to successfully develop (and redevelop) positioning and messaging for brands, businesses, products, services and ideas.

If you’re on the right track, congratulations. If you might be in need of a revised brand, perhaps we should talk?

To learn more about how Cohesion, can assist with your efforts , email Brian Creath, president, at, or schedule a 15-minute call with him, here.

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