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Leveraging Key Projects: A Trojan Horse Approach To Building Your Brand

Updated: Apr 30

We’ve learned a lot about how large and midsized organizations function and behave during our 25 years of business.

One of our key learnings is that many organizations, while they may enjoy the fruits of a strong brand, are not philosophically focused on (or believe in the value of) building one. And in turn, not predisposed to spending money on brand development.

This is especially true of organizations that place sales and operations as their highest priority.

And so, we are sometimes faced with an internal client who truly wants to build and / or strengthen a brand, but faces the uphill battle of an owner or C-suite that doesn’t see the need (and doesn’t want to spend the money) to do so.

While we are always ready to (and capable of) presenting the case for why an organization should invest in brand development, sometimes, resistance from management is simply too great.

But, we have learned, there is another way…

From our inception, we have been strong advocates of leveraging every communication tool and outlet at an organization’s disposal to build and strengthen a brand. From this approach, we have learned how best to use those tools to fully develop the brand.

So much so, that for those cases where ownership / upper management resists brand investment, yet the internal marketing client desires it, we have developed an approach that allows the brand to be built through a series of existing and / or seemingly non-brand-related sales and marketing / communications projects.

Projects like web development and digital efforts. Video and podcasts. Sales messaging. Thought leadership. And many more.

A Trojan horse, if you will. Something that both satisfies the functional desires of management, while simultaneously creating a brand umbrella that drives consistency, understanding and value.

If your organization faces resistance to building your brand, we'd enjoy discussing another way to your goals. To learn more, contact Cohesion.

* * *

Cohesion is a strategic brand consultancy that helps organizations position, package and articulate the essence and direction of businesses, brands, solutions and issues. Since 1999, our work has created new value and revenue for more than 150 organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies and innovative small businesses. To learn more visit, or contact Brian Creath, president, at

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