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Brand Work: Values As The Brand

How do you develop a brand for a drilling service company?

The business of drilling--primarily in conjunction with construction projects--can seem like a bit of a commodity: everyone has similar equipment and offers similar services.

And while expertise is critical, the 'sale' often comes down to one thing: Do I like the people of this company and can I work with them?

When Drilling Service Company hired Cohesion to redevelop its brand positioning and direction, our discovery uncovered a unique point of difference:

The family owned company originally established in 1955, had built a strong reputation on the simple, but genuine values of fairness, integrity, and valuing relationships above all else.

And so, tying the company's purpose to it difference, Cohesion., developed the brand positioning: "Down To Earth."

And developed marketing materials that expressed that positioning in messaging, which drove home the brand's competitive point of difference even deeper.

Perhaps you have a brand that needs to more finely express its difference? Contact Brian Creath, president of Cohesion at or at 314-276-5383.


Cohesion is a strategic brand consultancy that helps organizations position, package and articulate the essence and direction of businesses, brands, solutions and issues. Since 1999, our work has created new value and revenue for more than 150 organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies and innovative small businesses. To learn more visit, or contact Brian Creath, president, at

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