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Brand Work: Extending A Position

How do you reposition the leading commercial metric fastener master distributor?

Well, when the stated business objective is to move from selling not just metric fasteners, but ‘inch’ fasteners, as well, it makes sense to drive that simple point with a heavy dose of brand equity and credibility.

Cohesion helped Lindstrom, a more than 40 year old, B2B brand, find new relevance and revenue in a brand new segment of its industry. Through the development of an overarching positioning and messaging platform, Cohesion helped Lindstrom transform its go-to-market message.

Through the development of a new positioning line and a number of new marketing tools, we helped the company build a new leadership strategy.

Lindstrom. By Any Measure

Interested in strengthening or extending your brand positioning? Contact Brian Creath, president of Cohesion at or at 314-276-5383.


Cohesion is a strategic brand consultancy that helps organizations position, package and articulate the essence and direction of businesses, brands, solutions and issues. Since 1999, our work has created new value and revenue for more than 150 organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies and innovative small businesses. To learn more visit, or contact Brian Creath, president, at

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