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Brand Work: Culture As The Difference

For Holland, a growing construction services firm that was founded in Illinois and has expanded to Missouri, Cohesion was engaged to develop a master brand positioning, marketing direction and marketing/communications tools.

Our positioning: “Built On Integrity,” works to sum up internal culture, mission and approach, leveraging it as a foundation for both internal and external communication. It speaks to Holland’s internal belief that relationships come first and sets a guiding tone for how the firm would like clients to view who Holland is, what it is, and how it goes about its business.

Rather than allow this line to simply function as a 'throw-away' tagline or slogan, we crafted the positioning line into the logo itself, literally as the idea upon which the Holland name is 'built.'

Our work included brand video and brand content for website development and marketing tools.

As always, our positioning and messaging work was grounded in our Research & Discovery process and structured into an overall brand direction and messaging platform.

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