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Brand Work: Building The Corporate Brand

Updated: May 9

In 2022, Cohesion was engaged to develop a corporate brand positioning and messaging platform for Spartech, a leader in engineered plastic materials solutions. This work was to be done in advance of a major website redevelopment project by the company.

After several months of discovery and research, including a number of 1:1 interviews, Cohesion began crafting new positioning and messaging for the company. Positioning that rested on a simple, but compelling premise: That while Spartech expertly engineers materials and solutions for the most demanding markets, it has an even greater plan. To provide intelligent and innovative solutions to make our world a safer, easier and better place to live.

It’s a company committed to one purpose. And, one promise: To Make It Better.

And so, as showcased in the platform below, positioning and messaging elements were developed from this umbrella concept.

Enter More Resources

After the development of Spartech’s positioning and messaging platform, Cohesion worked with Spartech to identify and engage a web development partner. Over the next several months, Spartech’s new website took shape and form, based on guidance from our original platform. Cohesion worked to develop additional strategic / creative direction and copy / content for the new site (shown below).

Working with an additional production resource, our work then guided the development of a video library, consisting of a primary corporate brand video (below) and a series of shorter, market-focused videos.

The Ongoing Effort

Originally identified as a corporate brand opportunity during our initial strategic work, Cohesion is now working with Spartech on a longer-term Thought Leadership program. This work propels Spartech’s vision and positioning beyond the traditional walls of its products and solutions, and works to positively address many of the issues facing the plastics industry today.

Has Your Brand Found Cohesion?

For many companies and organizations, our process represents a unique departure from the traditional agency approach. Grounding a strategic platform in work that draws from vision, mission, values — as well as business strategy and traditional marketing / communications positioning and messaging — is different. But for more than 20 years, it's been an approach that has helped build incredibly successful efforts for companies large and small. In dozens upon dozens of different categories.

Perhaps you have a corporate / parent brand that needs fine tuning or rebuilding? Contact Brian Creath, president of Cohesion at or at 314-276-5383.

* * *

Cohesion is a strategic brand consultancy that helps organizations position, package and articulate the essence and direction of businesses, brands, solutions and issues. Since 1999, our work has created new value and revenue for more than 150 organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies and innovative small businesses. To learn more visit, or contact Brian Creath, president, at

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