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Digital Platforms. 


In collaboration with our core strategic partner, Sparks Milling, and leveraging the more broad resources of our marketing, production and business platform, VisionMakers, Cohesion functions as the front-end of a full-scale partnership that can help your organization develop and / or re-develop complete digital systems for marketing, sales and operations.


Or, as our friends at Sparks Milling like to call them, Marketing Machines.

Our full-scale partnership designs, builds, and manages complete solutions for:

  • Corporate Websites

  • E-Commerce Websites

  • Custom Web Applications

  • Data Systems, APIs, and Connectors

  • SEO, Technical SEO

  • Digital Marketing

​If you're interested in combining the full power of brand strategy and development, with expert digital thinkers and builders, all supported by a vast resource network of video, animation and production capabilities, contact Cohesion.

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