Context Development. 


An area of specialty for Cohesion is in the development of Context Platforms. Here, we are often engaged by clients that need a new business, brand, marketing or communications context for assembling sometimes disparate, or intangible elements.


Sometimes the answer is a new program. Or system. Or, a platform with a deeper, and more easily understood point of difference. Our work: build a more singular, higher level approach which internal and external audiences can leverage and understand.

We have helped clients find new context and develop communication platforms for numerous issues including:

  • Businesses

  • Internal Culture

  • Mission, Vision & Values

  • Brands

  • Products

  • Sales Solutions

  • Operational Processes & Methodologies

  • Technical Processes

If you need a new way to think about a complex, or challenging issue, contact Cohesion.

Context Platform Examples

Cohesion developed, named and branded HealthPiQture as a highly-flexible platform to allow insurance companies to make quick and confident heathcare decisions. Through HealthPiQture, insurers receive access to ExamOne's and Quest Diagnostic's extensive data sources. From a snapshot of an applicant’s past health, to a view of their current health, HealthPiQture combines health and behavioral insights for insurers.

​Cohesion developed, named and branded The UniGroup Answer as a way for UniGroup, the parent company of United Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, UniGroup Worldwide UTS and Primacy Relocation, to leverage all of its corporate assets in a singular sales solution for corporate clients across the United States.

Cohesion developed, named and branded Integrated Specialty Drug Management as a ‘focused approach’ to help several businesses within the Express Scripts architecture cross-sell a cohesive program to health plan clients with specific, tailored solutions matched to their individual needs/resources.

Cohesion developed, named and branded 'The Goal Is Yes' as a multi-faceted positioning strategy, internal culture program and sales focus for CitiMortgage. The simple goal: Convince people to believe that at it's core, the brand was more interested in making a loan than denying one. When Citicorp and Travelers merged to create Citigroup, Citibank Mortgage was tasked with rebranding itself to fit the new corporate architecture. Cohesion rebranded the company as CitiMortgage and built a position that created unique equity for the new subsidiary, while staying closely tied to the parent brand. 'The Goal Is Yes' became the primary context for how the company operated and went to market.​